1. Butt kitteh!!! Yoo am sooooooo Booteefullz!!! Does fleurs reelee bekombs yoo. Purrpull am yer kolor, an doze stwipees -- dey soitantly do NAWT maeks yer look biggs.

  2. Okay 1) Teh hyoomins need a hobby, nawt nessissarily a kidlet.

    2) Taht kitteh akkshully luuks reely pritty. Ai doan't think Ai cuud pull awf taht owtfit. Well, yes, Ai cuud pull it awf reely kwikkly, butt(!) nawt as prittily

  3. Knoe wot?

    Da lass foar Lols hab hampsum kitties dat wud lubb tu admyr yew. Eebin dat Coby kitty muss habb hims hed bak awn strayt bai naow. 😉

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