1. Sew cyoot! *tuzg awn *

    Remindz mii dad Fawster Dad John will haz his 52nd litter sewn!

    ( Lol speak off )

    John's newest mama is just a doll. She is estimated to be 9 months old and estimated to have 4 kittens in the oven, and just an absolute LOVE BUG.


    ^ Dere she is!

    I can't wait to see what happens with mama and her babies ((the theme for this litter is deck of cards, picked out by fans))

    (( lol speek awn))

    whii! *cornfetteh*

      1. no! kant waitz fur thiz leeter!

        Aneebuddy elze watch himz?

        ((myeh...I had a long day today. Night, y'all. zzz.. ))


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