1. No, thnx, butt(!) that reminds me uvva storee:
                  On a nuther messidj bored, not cat-related (imajin that!), ware thay speek, y'noe, "normal", sumwun made a comment abowt hurr cat. Ai thawt "Oo, Ai have just teh LOL to demonstrayte hurr poynte!"

                  Sew, Ai went throo mai folders (it's heer sumware!), fownded teh LOL, adn postified it. A short thyme layturr, a frend at werk (alsew on that bored) sed to me, "Ai saw yore post. Wuz that in German?" Tehn Ai reelized hurr confyoozhun. "No, that wuz, um, no, not German"


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