1. No! Wut? Izzit broken? Or iz teh coffe nawt strawng enuff to doing itz majic? Inkwiring, tee-brewing, minds wants tew kno...

            1. One time I set up the coffee maker, set the carafe down on the counter, presst the button and hit the shower. the carafe goes on the coffee hot plate so it can catch the coffee. 🙄

              1. *SNC wakes awp wun mornin' an' rubs knucklols in hiz bleery eyes*
                *openz fridge, gets eggs, cheez & bacon owt*
                *openz bread drawer, get English muffins owt*
                *poots egg in microwave*
                *...bacon and cheez left awn cownter*
                *... English muffin poot in fridge*
                57.2 sekkunds later...*BOOM* Egg am dun!
                Nawt kwite a soop can, but startling none da less.
                SNC am wide awake by now,
                *seize disarray in kitchen an' poots ingredients back in proper place*
                *goze back tu bed*
                Troo but nawt so distant story.

                1. er, ai meen, oh !
                  *Pats snc on teh hed*
                  Left tew her own devices, mantari wakes up kwite well in teh mawning. Juss wen eldest dotter asks tew go to gym beri erlee ( lyke, hello 5:40 a.m) taht ai stagger lyke a It's a wunder we get tew teh gym sayflee, acshullee.


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