1. Here's another "version" with a second-by-second per frame review of the events of 1968 ... in chronological sequence. See how many you can remember.

        1. Yep adn ai rememberz all ob it, in my early 20's. Ai wuz married in July ob dat year. Mersiful heabens dat wuzza long time ago.

  1. Ohai, guize! Ai iz bakk frum teh regatta! Bakk and calves a littlol sore, butt(!) WE WINNED! Husbing sez, izzent it ufneh taht no boats in teh lane closest tew teh ribber bank ebber wun der raysses, and notiss we wuz in teh middlol ob teh ribber in teh finlol, butt(!) ai sez

    Nebber lukk a gift in teh mowf!


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