1. hi ebreebudeee!!!! iz meeee!!!!! i haz sum plai tiem sew heer i iz.
    dis wud bee a gud wun fur me, caws mai butt bee big- dis wai i kan has sitt rum!!

  2. o deer o deer, wuz jus lukin fur teh cheeze peepz map an.....IT NAWT BEE DERE!!!Googly kan nawt find it!!! woh o woh......

    1. For some reason, I always pictured you as kinda from my area....Bear fanish? Sillynoise? I've been wrong in my ideas before...

          1. OK, I haz fixed it. Now deh linky here will taking u tu deh Cheezee Peepz map like it am spozed to. (And I didn't bork deh wun on deh Cryer. )

  3. i iz frum norf west IL PJ, waear ar u frum?
    Hi BF!~!!! MamaCat waves franti....fruntda....frankill.....reelly wildleee

        1. Aye iz in a da westerly subburps ub ShyCawGo (nawt rite now - I iz inn GM's libbin room affer da gran toor ub Bancoober)
          Wii kin hazza cheezemeet!! Mamacat, Peej an Me!! NEwun else???

          1. *wayvs pawz furanitkally* Pikk mi, Pikk mi!!!! Bee juss sowth a liddle...Champagne area!!! Adn fur teh LOL....itz awl abowt teh (b)ass, bowt teh (b)ass......;)


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