1. I is awake on the sekkond dae in San Franz. Feels otay as I tookid sum gud Jermin booprofenz

    Todae is da GoKar Toor an den wander round YooYun Peer. Sonja weel meetz us after werkity an wee weel taek da kable kar to Fishiemanz Warf to nok round.
    No Roofay today... unliss her wanz to meetz us. Aye'll textifry her laterz

    1. Ohai, EM! 😀

      Aye finkeez yewzmz abowt tu embarkin ROOF!ROOF!ROOF! awn yoar GoGoGoCar toorin ob Da City!

      Aye glad yew awl fealin gudlee, adn it shurr sownz liek yew hazza funfunfun dae ahed.

      Aye gunna goe shaek down mai internist fur a beddar hbp med . Hoap tew ketch up wiffie yew laydur!

  2. Wayte!! Wayte!!! Itz sew simplol!!

    U eech sine up elebenty fwends...and dey awl sine up elebenty fwends eech an sew awn an sew awn! Suun teh whol whirrld wil bee Amway reps!! Sellin tew.....eech uvver....


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