1. AHOY, evrybuddy! Dere bii a n00 Big Cat Derek vidjea of a bobkitteh hims resc00ed named Mia!

    if teh Mawds cud help me leenk diz vidjea, dat'd bii gret![/sub]

    Grab teh s! Diz wun bii a duuzy!

    ((teh pinkee nailz bii Heidi, Aifinkso.))

          1. *mantari wanders in *

            Wut the... Dedded peeplol juss lyin heer, an teh fire brigayd am on strike! Lukky tehy left tihs hose heer...

            *shoots waters awl ober gm and snc wiv teh wildlolly thrashing hose, wich wips mantari cleer intew teh nekst lol*


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