1. Skwrrlie, yew amma hawt mess.

      Furss yew hassa be smarder than teh tayp...

      Neggz, yew mussint win yer tiny peets git stuckyfied ...

      Heer, aye wiwl halping yewow! Wai yew bites mii??!?

      Obai, skrrlie! 😀

    2. Dissa grate shawt!

      So mebbe skrrlie woz wokking akawng teh tayp, den it gayb way sum adn skwrrlie winded up zip lining a lillol bit untiel himz floofeh butt hit teh grass? Adn den himz curssing teh kwalitee ob teh tayp??

  1. maed it too Bloomertun. Pakkd da ESUVEE full top to bottom frunt to bakk. Kidlet am chekkn owt an gettin innharryTed blooberry fishie an we
    Hit the rode to goes home. Shud be home by 5 tyme. 10 ours full round trip!!


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