1. varryeeablol, it iz.


          It r horrible owt tooday, bery kold, rownd twenny, butt sew sew eggstreemely windee iz awful.
          An teh kids akross teh street frum mee deesided tewday wuz a guud day tew tri tew sell kookies owt at teh end uv dere dryveway.
          Dere sales tekneek iz kornsisting uv alternitlee trine tew hold awn tew dere fowlding tablol an skreeming at passing kars KOOKIES!!!!!

              1. Wayt... *giggloling*... "dew mai nut" ??? *snert, snert, snigglol*

                Daffynishun, pleez.
                Aye ownlee teh noopeh califoryun


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