1. SNC puttid a eggsplayneashun onna da lass lol --- Wii nawt gunna moob affer awl -- Da noo haus wuz missin a kitchen or sumpfing ...

      But ada old haus hass been fixerated

  1. Ai just poasted a comment awn da last lol....ai hitted da "post it" buttin an...KABLAAAM! we am bakk heer???

    *Stix big poofeh popo awn desk sow Snc nawt hurtify hisseff hed-bangin*

    1. Fankeez GM, but don't wurry. I'm nawt ing N-E-moar. I'm ing!!!

      Gawt my Redbullz awl lined awp, and if dat duzzin't wurk, den I'll resort tu spiking dem wif sumfing eggstraw speshul tu release teh...erm...creative corners ob my brain.


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