1. Hae, bayb gowin mai wae?

                  If yew pass teh zhawp, pik mii awp a crumb donut, teh caek kyn nawt teh floofy wun? Kthnxgoawnnaoshoo

                    1. Umm... oe... fankeez, hansum... uh... on sekkint fott, mebbeh nawt.

                      Miet be tuu bigg.

                      Adn crumby in teh rong wae.

                      Yewr a hawttie, dough!

        1. Heh, heh... Wish ai'd thot ob taht retort wen teh kidlets wuz wearing teh skool shorts laik tihs! Tew beeing fare, aifinkso tihs fashin am fanfullee ober. (At leest arownd tehse cosmopolitan parts, wiv onlee wun traffik lite )


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