1. I've been getting the emeows anywhare frum :02 to :07 minnitz after teh hour. It pro'lly wood hab showed awp ebentually, but I iz still trying tu figyoor out a better way to call it frum da GoDaddy cron directly instead of yoozing da WP cron, but when we updated WordPress, all my diagnostic messages in da emeow gawt turned off, so I hab tu start ober again.

        1. I fink I hab found a plug-in dat iz documented well enough dat I can adapt it to run just one of it's files from the GoDaddy cron rather than install the plug-in itself. I'm going to try it out on my laptop first, but not today, I hab to run some errands for Christmas , which wii awr habing tumorrow.

            1. Wii wuz awl tuu bizzy tu celebrate it awn 12/25, so wii moved it tu tumorrow. And nao I hab tu yooz my time masheen tu get back sum time tu run my errandz, coz I went ahead and wrote a function for the GoDaddy cron tu run tu force publish posts awn time. Ebery free hours, it looks for and publishez any pending posts 5 times starting awn the hour ebery 15 sekkundz. Should get an emeow in da WhappitySpoonz mailbawks dat shows da results at 4:00pm PST/7:00pm EST. I may not be arownd tu check, so if there iz a prollum, then emeow me at my nativeca66 emeow address and I will get it awn my phone.

      1. Mai Cween! AI kneedz tew moob where itz warm!

        Et bii 61 adn lightlee rayning wif liht fawg adn meest.

        AI can haz summur awl teer round? 🙁

          1. AI'm packeded.

            Can AI dribe or flai?

            ((after all that happened recently with flying... noot so much...))


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