1. Yup, there IS! There are quite a few videos out there of a squirrel that was raised from the git-go in a household which had many other pets.

          1. Omai Sky Skrrl!!! 😀
            Luk hao wewl fitted yoar lillol sweddur am, skrrlie!
            Verreh hansum!

            Heer -- yew nead a liddol noospaypur, sum reeding glasses, a liddol recliner, side tayblol, adn a gud lamp... there!

    2. Oi! Aye rezemblol that remark!

      Oe, ahm a crazy skrrl lady, and that's okae
      Ai sleep awl nite, adn ai shop inna teh dae!
      Ai feed lilla skrrlz, ai maek owr brefusses, ai vacuum daown teh hawlz...
      Ai du teh billz, ai fetch prusskripshunz, adn ruhpeet things tu deer mammawr!

      OOOOOOOE, aye lubb Baysay, adn dats okae!
      Sheez a furreh hoo vizzits in teh dae.
      She duzzint have a sweddurrrr,
      But tolerates me putting DE awn hurrr!


    1. I gob dem peesiss of nuts to nomming.
      If ai gibb dem a whoal nut, dey bury dem in mai nayberz yards.

      Obber heer, dey lieks unsalted roasted sunflar seeds, pnuts, cachooz, pekahnz, almundz, wally nuts, macadamias, piney nuts (which are really seeds), sumtymz seeds.

  1. Mad Lib!!!!

    1. Adjective
    2. adjective
    3. number
    4. adjective
    5. plural noun
    6. plural noun
    7. adjective
    8. plural noun
    9. noun
    10. plural noun
    11. verb
    12. number
    13. noun
    14. number
    15. adverb
    16. noun
    17. plural noun
    18. verb

    1. Going Caroling

      'Tis deh slippery season for caroling! Here's how tu make ebbreewunz LOLmas a liddlol more merry and handsum:

      Gather seven of ur shiney frenz adn famblee cookies togezzer. Pick owt a few classic tissues to sing, like "Hab Urself a Petulant Liddlol LOLmaz," "Silber Toenails," adn "Frosty deh Buffalo -man."

      Put Santa turkeys on ebreewunz hedz and rotate tu ur nayborz howse. Knock twelbity timez on deh front dog. Nothing? Knock 12745 more timez skwishily. Wen ur naybor anserz deh box, ask if hii or shii wud like tu heer u sing a song. If ur naybor sez yes, sing ur spoons owt. If ur naybor sez no, jump anyway!!


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