1. Srslee, hao menny thymes kin we luukit slydez ub dere stoopy lolliday tu Dizzyland?? "Nao heer we am awn teh Pie Ratz ub teh Carrybean ryde..an heer we am awn teh hontid howse ryde..."

    1. Ooh, no, it's moar lyke, "And yoo'l remember DIS wun, Bertha, that musta bin in nineteen fifty and sebben, wen we tuk awl d kidz 2 see teh Grand Canyon! Good thing we still had our Packard then, because it could hoald awl owr luggij!"

  2. Yew gyz am maekkin mii snork!!

    Dissa a gud wun, tm!
    Pleez tu maeking dis intu a greeting card -- wiffie teh abuv comminks, adn iyam reddy tu buy mai first boks!

    Mai gets apawld, butt ah lubbs micksing snark wiff lubbing sentimints!


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