1. *deploiz peepull katchy fingie unner SNC*
        Wow. Dats sum bounce inn dat katchy fing ... *luks Atta da lable* "peepul flingie fingie* ohhhhhhhhhh .... Dat assplaynes it .... *shaeds to try to sea iffn SNC haz comb down yet*

  1. Skyooz me a sekkund. Ai hazzing tu haz a werd wiff tihs bebbeh's mamadaddeh...

    *BIFF* *POW* *SMACK!!!* *BOOT*

    Dere...awl beddor nao. *Gentlolly brings teh babbeh in frum teh balkenny..

    1. Susha delicat luukin bebbeh, far tew shweet tew be pussy fuutin awnna ohai balcony rayling!

      Fankew, o maskt avenger foar bringing bebbeh inn.
      NOEbuddeh putts babbeh inna corner!


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