It's Yer Burfdaze!!! (In OZ tomorrow am todae!!)

Boops: 5

#bday travel cake

Toodae iz a Burfingdae,  I wunner for whomz?

It muss bee for sum bunny rite inna dis room.
Sew luks alla round yoo fore sum bunny hoo
Iz smilee and happi, mai gudness, iz yoo!

Hippo Hippo Burfingdae to our BellaandBonnie  frum awlz ub us to lubberlee wunnerfulls yooze,

CongraRatulashuns too you, and hopez dat alla yer sweetz trabbel dweemz come troo!!!!

*Dwags inna da BEEG BOX ub Burffdae funs*  Lessee wots in heer todae furr dis AWESUM AUSSIE Bday Partay!!!!

#bday aussie1

Fudjee Caek and sum yummy yummy Karmel Ice Cream Nommies #bday parfait4

Blowee Noizee Fings #bday whistleand sum Skary Aussie Snaek Toiz!! #bday snakes


We kin play Aussie BINGO!! #bday bingo and sum fun ornaments  #bday aussie

Lastly and Bestly ders Balloonies and Streemers and PARTAY hats Furr Funs and Furr Awls!!!

balloonstreamers#bday balloon4balloonstreamers


LOVE Y’all  Sin Seer Lee – ME!!BurfingDae Bunneh small

Happy Birthday!  Oct 11, 2014  2:00pm


              1. Happytayle Burfdaze BellaandBonnie!!!

                *grabs a bingo card*
                *seez dat EM & MJ hab a head start alreddy*
                *tossez bingo card away knowing he cannot win nao*
                *bingo card catches a breeze an flies bak*
                *picks awp bingo card and marks dat boomerang spawt*

  1. Hooray! Hooray! Happy Birthday to my Firstest and Oldest (cheez-wyze) CheezFren, Miss B&B!!!!!

    Happy Birthday and many, many more wonderful birthdays to yo u!

  2. Fankees to you all - I am really touched by your kindness and beautiful burfday wishes. (I has leekee ize).

    I really can't say how much this means to me. my lol - speak is a bit rusty so I don't know if I'm saying this rite, but big huge enormous schmoos and hugs to you all.

    🙂 🙂 🙂


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