1. Awf thred, hour frend KCTailkinker went inn teh horsepittal fer showlder surgeree dis moarnin, it am finishd an went wel akordian tew hurr dr tinycat. Shee wil bee inn teh reg horsepittal fer prolly 2-3 dayze den a skilld nursin facilitee (dunt kno wich wun yit) until shee kan uze teh arm an showlder an manipulayte hurr walker saiflee.

      Teh regular horsepittle haz a e-card program sew iff u wud lyke tew send wun jus kontakt me at mai skreen naim at yahoo.com an ai kan giv u teh info. Aifink it wud bee grate tew flood hurr wiv teh e-cards an beeeems an luv fer teh cupple uv dayze sheez dere!

                  1. Unforshoonitlee hour fwend haz had mennee helff problims an nawt bean awn teh komputer mush fer kwite a lawng wile. Butt ai kno sheed appresheeayte hearin frum fowks


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