1. Ohai, pikklolz!

    😀 Guess wot?

    Aye jest gawt finnish massajeeng fud grayd diatomaceous erf awl obbur adn intew Baysay 'z furz!

    Teh fleez wiwl suun be dedded. Muuuhuuwah ahahahha!!!

    1. Gawddit awl obbur hur bak, hur taylol, hur fuutiez, top ob hur hed, unner hur chinnie, hur chest, tummeh. I missht teh pitties adn foararmz. 😉

    2. Hao serendipitous. I decided to dust awl teh nooks and crannies in my kitchen today wif it today tu git rid ob teh razzin frazzin ants. Beeg mistake. Entire kitchen is nao in teh dining room, and I discoverd awl da fings dat needed kleening alawng da way. So, I habn't eben started dusting N-E-fing. To tawp it awl awf, I forgawt teh football games wuz awn eerly and I missed it. sawry EM Now, I gotta try an' git eberyfing back tugevver befoar Ms. SNC comez hoam frum Phoenix tumorrow.

      1. Sownz lyk wutz bin goin awn arown heer, 2! EGgsept dat bai naow, awmoast ebbryfing is dundundun nd tm iz starting 2 put stuffz away. Wun fing leedz 2 tew or free uvverz. Tm iz akshwully gawt tyme 2 fink abowt sewing a kupple noo kwilteez fur kustumerz! Woot! Woot!

        1. Yay TM foar finding time tu kwiltee.

          Kittehs and goggies awrn't halping eever. Fownd free horks (two in teh baffruum, and wun awn teh landing tu teh stayres, an' sumgoggie had a field day wif SNC's bag of sunflower seeds in teh bedruum. So, I still hab doze messes tu kleen awp too. Well, at least nun ob teh chikkens hab kicked teh bucket dis time. Teh last two times Ms. SNC went owt of town, I hadda perform funerals. Needless tu say, I've been checkin' in awn dem ebery hour.

          I shirley hoap dat teh DE halps Baysay wif da fleez, Roofie.
          I cood yooz sum good news. I need a vacayshun

          1. Cutler froo 2 interceptshunz.... Bears ended furst haff wiffy a failure to convert -- Da pass wuz jest short ub the line an da Packers grabified da receeber sew he stayed onna da 1 inch line ...


            1. Fanks Jake! *snerk* I'm sawry... I reely am. Yew prolly don't realize dis, but Da Bears am my third favoritist team. Right behind teh Vikings, and right in frunt ob teh Lions (only coz I gotta cheer foar sumwun wen dhey play eech udder). Iz always bittersweet wen wii win doze teams.

                1. Nao, if ya wanna tawk about Seattle or Philadelphia or Pittsburgh (sawry CB) or *gasp* Dallas...skrew doze guise!!! - LOL - I hab reeezunz tu hate cheer against dem awl, no matter hoo they awr playin'.

                  Hoo's awr yor nemisis's?

                  1. I nawt reelee hab NE ub doze ....

                    Just herd da sillehest comment onna da nooze. Wuz bout da guy dat sabotajd da Air Traffic Kontroll place heer - shuttin down OHare an Midway and den tried to killify hisseff --- dey reported onna continued delays an den sed "an da guy was fyred."

                    REELEE?? Yoo fink so??

                    1. I think gitting fyred am deh least uv hiz problemz rite now. Deh Federal charges aginst him shud b enuff keep a teem uv lawyers bizzy fur yrz.

                      Um... U looking fur noo job, EM?? Uv korse, wif no job, hii ain't gonna b able to pay u berry much.


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