1. Ohai, EM!

          Mai serchie foar fud grayd diatomaceous erf corn tin yooz 😉
          Deyz sould owt at teh biggur organiklol markets. Eet reelie AM fleez seezun owt heer!

          Butt(!) ai goe trak sum daown at teh funky hardwaer stoar adn teh helf stuff farmuhsea.

    1. Yup, we'd better put up a SPLORT ALERT very quickly! Almost got me this time!

      Dis reminds me of my ole rushin bloo, Frobie. Even as a big lunkhead of a cat, he'd do this pose sometimes and it would just crack me up all over again. This is so like him that it could be his baby picture!

  1. WARNING!!

    If kittehz like dis cauzing u tu haz deh splorty or fainty feelings, be advised dat tomorrowz LOLz am ALL SPLORTZ, AWLL DAY LONG!!!!!

    Plz tu prepare ur Aunty-Splortification measures.

    *Sets owt a table full uv 50z bavving capz, CHRGz, and dukky tape*


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