1. Hee hazent bin arownd orl afternoons, so ai iggspect hee is sillybrayting wiv luvved wuns! Naice Spring wevver arown heer... Wot abowt yew?

      1. Ohai. Owr hooman on a weeks holiday at home so we given him list of tasks which he finished yesterday along wit his tasks.

        He gone to gym in morning todai and then will come home to prepare a tasting menu for us. Then we awl watch TV and nom and nap.

        Ai hope yew are well.

          1. Ham, spam. lamb, chicken, eggs benedict, cheezburger, truffles, cod, skate, pollock, haddock, sossiges, bakun, pastrami, salami, cheese, peas, salmon fishcakes, kedgeree, pork, cous cous, turkey, jerky. meatloaf and toona.


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