1. Atchur service, mam!
        *Leads over to the fainting *
        Plz look away from the cuyte....goggie? the cuyte liddlol fingy.
        If you must look, plz to be waihering one of these.
        *Leaves a fresh stock of s all around the playhouse*

  1. Whut? Noe s, noe hansum pairs-o-mediks fer teh rest uv uz?

    Werl, otay roofie, heer wee goe...

    Whoop whoop whoop heer coms the CCC!

    Sweep sweep ur braynes inno a tydee pyle
    Rinse rinse wif sparklee lemmum wadder
    Tuck tuck pat pat bak inno braynium cabity
    Snap snap awn the eggstra strenff CHRG (wdoi)
    Taype taype wif rainbo cullered ducky taype
    Leeds the wai tew the splort recovery lounge
    Snuggle snuggle u inno a sawftee flannlol blankit
    Handz ober stoofed bebeh pengwin tew cuddle
    Offerz trai uv hawt chokklit an sordid pastrees.
    Naow, u jus rest a minnit an doan luuk at anee cayute goggie/ewok/plushycuddlycritters fer a wile, kay?

    1. Wayd... deed yew sploart oar, did ai swuun? adn did yew unsploart yoarsaff? then transpoarted mii? o_o

      fankeez, bf. It am muggy owt heer, sew ahma goe buy us sum nz !


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