1. Hoo boi!!! Aifink ai'm gonna open mai own stand.....

    Come awn fokes, gitcher frosh flanniks rite here!! Step rite up an chek 'em out...speshul deel today only..buy lebenty an git teh lebenty-nawt-sekkund wun free!

    Mebbe ai cud get a spawt awn teh shopping channlol! "Flannik Flair by GM"! Ai cud being a big teebee star!!

                1. I woodn't make fun of their tastes if I were yoo, EM. Jes' sayin'...

                  *noms wif clowns, pretends tu like it*
                  Oh yesh, yesh. Yew guise hab eggsalad taste!
                  Would yew eggskyooz me a sec?
                  *slurp* *gulp*
                  OK, now where were wii?
                  Oh dat's right...yes, teh sour dill joos at da bottom IZ teh best part.

                    1. I'll have wunna dem s.
                      Only plz tu making it chokklit insted uv .
                      And put in sum strawberries instead uv deh egg salad.
                      And throw sum whippy creem on top.
                      And a cherry.
                      And sum nutz.


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