1. Yup. Today i took a long shower, the kind more often associated with a 14 yo girl, and immediately thereafter needed to run down to the basement for something. THIS time there was no mistaking it! So I bit the bullet and went to Lowe's and bought a new one with a long contract, plus installation package. They should be here with it Monday. After installing a new roof in July and now this, it's a good thing I was able to get a part replaced on my Caprice for only $84 instead of buying that Lincoln, wouldn't you say?

            1. Oo, oo! If dat izznt a noald eggspresshun, it shud B!

              Wun oal eggspresshun witch a noald laydee toald mii wen ai wuz a yung pup wuz, "We all have much to be thankful for" nd boi, o boi, wuz shii ebber ryte!

              1. wootie woot woot foar tm!!! 😀

                Oe, i hazza happeh teh leek am noe lawngur a mystery adn am gonna be fixified!

                Mai, butt dis summer yu can has many values added tu yoar housie!!!

                  1. *gets distracted finking abowt teh Wilfred Brimley story*
                    *stares awf intu da distance wundering wot it cood bii abowt*
                    *sticks owt hand and makes a motion like a hotel bellboy waiting foar a tip*

        1. *pulls up a chAIr next to Snc*
          *shares ottoman & popcorms*
          I gots some time, butt nawt all day.
          *looks at watch*
          *taps foot*

            1. Roofie! I will tell YOU, but only when you are here in person and can see my face and know perfectly well that I am telling you THE TRUTH!!!! Otherwise it could strike the listener like a total fabrication (kinda like one of those car-drag incidents, which "couldn't have happened," yet which did.)


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