1. I know there izza new LOL coming up soon, and dis iz kinda lawng, but it iz relevant tu dis LOL'z interests.

    A Squirrel Story

    1. Proper Noun
    2. Verb
    3. Adjective
    4. Plural noun
    5. Verb
    6. Proper noun
    7. Geographic feature
    8. Noun
    9. Adjective
    10. Verb
    11. Adjective
    12. Noun
    13. Verb-ing
    14. Adjective
    15. Noun
    16. Adjective
    17. Noun
    18. Adjective
    19. Noun
    20. Adjective
    21. Noun
    22. Verb-ed
    23. Verb
    24. Noun
    25. Verb-ed
    26. Noun
    27. Plural Noun
    28. Verb-ed
    29. Emotion
    30. Verb
    31. Adjective
    32. Noun
    33. Adjective
    34. Verb-ed
    35. Adjective
    36. Verb-ed
    37. Place
    38. Noun
    39. Meal

        1. Akshully, it wuz just McDonalds.

          Sorry I did nawt kom bak, eberywun. Sumfing suddenly came awp.

          Once upon a time, there was a squirrel named Mississippi River.
          One day, he went for a walk to Hip Hip Dance the krazy plush chipmonk that sipped on the Caspian Sea. His crayon got mauve, and he hiccuped a blustery sock. While he was snow boarding over his sniveling pillow, a squirrelly paint roller preyed upon him unnoticed. It had skuzzy clear tax examiners, and a dahhhhling Jub Jub bird. The squirrel pooped to slide his semi-truck, and jumped the predator that had a moustache in its acrobats. He horked, as squirrels do when they are heart broken, and fit to piddle. But the punch drunk hydrant animal was considerably putrid. He runifyinged up the irridescent squirrel and rassled away, to his Greenland Airport on the far off iPod remote for his brunch and second breakfast.


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