1. Ohai, Smudgie!

      Ahm organizing mai fings tu pakking tu bizzit tm!
      Baysay's had brekkie adn am skwirrling aboot.
      Aye wants tu goe buy sum fud grayd diasumsing erf tu killink hur buggliez.

      Wotchu do/dunn tudae? ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Owr hooman has week off werk and is at home negst week (stating tis Monday). He is preparing a writing sckedule which he will probably ignore to watch TV fur a week. We is purrparing list ob things for hooman to do. So far has 22 pagus written owt to cover Monday.

        Hooman dus werk kwite hard so we may gibs him a brake. Has to fink ob a film/TV shpow we cans awl watch together.

        1. So, yo'r already abowt halfway dun wif Monday's schedule? Good foar yew guize!

          Did yoo remember tu put assemblol Intercontinentlol Trajektory System awn teh list dis time?
          Why IKEA insists awn inclooding parts dat rekwire fumbs tu assemblol is beyond me

                    1. Oo! *admires Snc's innovayshun* ๐Ÿ˜€

                      Butt... ai hazzint rubbed hur wif fud grayd diamesunfingous erf yet! Wotch teh fleez!!!

                    2. *imagines Baysay wiffie hur verreh own tree wiffie wallienut & nut cluster decorayshunz*

                      Nice ๐Ÿ˜€

                1. Waaiii?!??

                  Mom am bak to lubbink Baysay

                  Ahm gonna maek a miks ob sunnies, punkinnie seeds, & almond slibberz, den puddit inna jar sew ma kin juss skoop owt porshunz.

                  Mai mawm duzzint rinss teh salt awf teh seeds, adn ai noe wawnt Baysay tu habbink teh hbp.

    2. herding cats Wurking. *pleh*
      Layter, I'm going tu try tu ficks my Yesterdazelolz test system so I can get ready foar da neggst WordPress update.

      ing (and singing along - aaaahAAAAAAAHaaaaaah)

      On the radio in Tiki's room

      1. Weeze hangin owt wotchin Bull Ridin
        Pebbles jest slipped owt da goggie door affer gettin cuddlols. I tolled her tis gunna storm butt she sed I bee bakk ...

        Uppitystairs kitties am playin on da bowlin alley. I went ups to play too butt dey stuffied it intwo da portal afore I got up der. dey nebber let me play. Dey acksepted a few pets afore pointedly lookin atta da stares.

        Spencer am runnin around. Ifinksew heez all bedder - gotta go gets him bluds tested.

        Lady Jane am sleepin. Unless she barkin. She like to bark.

        Sum haz been jakk hammering AWL FREEKING DAE!!

        TeenyKat habs a coffee date wiffy a SENIOR. I nawt shur I approob, butt her nawt axed my opinyun ....

    3. Ohai, Smudgie!!!

      I haz napped.
      And walked Bud. ๐Ÿ˜€
      and worked on a hooked rug. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Topper haz been napping. and chasing imaginary fings on deh patio. And halping mii hook deh rug.

          1. Yup. An him haz remembered alla da bad habits he had afore him wuz sick.
            I wuz hopin heed fur get likes to steel and chew pens ... Nope him remembered!! An dat he likes to steel shoes, an rip up bokkes an steel sokkz outda laundry room.... *sigh*

    4. Adorable Smudgie-
      1) Choars, choars, errands, choars.
      2) Willie ams chasing mii arownd adn insisting on mawsie-onna-stikk play brakes.

      Wii boff like nummer 2 teh best.
      -bayshang adn Sillie Willie

        1. Butt! At leest wif d too uv us feemaylz inna haus, bofe roofie n tm wil b ablol 2 tayk gudgud showwerz. Bedderer 2 habz d wadder inna showwer hed dan onna baysmunt floar.

          1. Wot? Yew gno fink midnight kittehs enjoy uh guud warm baff too?

            Just kiddin'. I glad yew iz gitten yor hawt wadder heater fiks'd.

            BC will just hab ta kom awp tu da regular baffruum tu git warshed if hii iz sew inclined.


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