1. whai I get stuck wif dis stoopy burd?? Whai I nawt can haz Dr. Watson??

    reminds mii uv joke frum mai Navy dayz. . .
    Why duz deh Army haz deh mules and deh Navy haz deh Marines??
    wait for it...
    wait for it....

    Army got nawt-sekkond choice.

    1. Shur fing, Catman!
      I'll shut awp.
      I'll bii az kwiet azza maus.
      Don't let it bii sed dat I can't keep my lip buttoned.
      Nawt anudder peep.
      I'm nawt liek doze other crows dat don't gno wen tu zip it.
      Yew don't hab tu hush mii twice.
      I git it. No flapping my gumz here.
      Libraries will be envious ob mii.
      Yoo won't eben gno I'm here.
      Silence iz golden, rite Catman?


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