1. Noap. Ai jus ordurd yu a noo pare awn Ammyzan. Dey iz hawt pinkk wiffa flaim deezine onna sied adn ornj & yellur toze. Dat wuz awl dey hadz at de diss cownt pryse, git yoozd tu itz.

      *lissinz tu kitteh wayl abowt lookin stoopy at skule*

      Well Ize sorri butt yu shudint haz misplaisd yur laigz liek dat.

      1. O fankeez, TT. Ai wuz finkin ai wuz gawnna hafta mayk a kitteh bakpak 2 karry hur arownd ebbrywarez. Eider dat oar hyre wunuv doze "surrogate cat lap sitterz" maisewf. Seemz dat derez moar tallint in dat feeld dan powzishunz.

    1. Fankeez, EM. Iffit maykz dem laff nd peepz mayk kawmintz, itz wurf it.

      (Update: She's holding down the bed as I type - some things never change. She does her bit: Mama sews quilt, she grows fur for the toys.)

        1. It's actually quite a bit of fun to make the lols! I'm going to go through my old box of snapshots when I've finished up some big projects. I need to finish pulling perennials for donation to the Joplin Tornado Restoration before the weather changes and to finish a wedding quilt and get it in the mail. After that, making more lols will be my reward.

          Guess what, peepz! It's possible to make photos OF old photos using your cell phone camera! HINT, HINT to everybody out there with a big box of snapshots you thought you couldn't use here - think again!!! Take the photo, got to pizap, go to photodump, go to YL. Just a few minutes per! It's a LOT of fun to add the effects, borders, etc. I LOVE IT AND YOU WILL, TOO!!! You can crop out unwanted stuff and really spiff up old family photos. You can even make a lol out of an old photobomb!

  1. Sreeenuh! Wai yu loozed yoar frunt leggz?! Doez whirr orinjjinullz!!

    Gud fing antee TikkyTac am sew kwik-finnurd... dat Amayzan otter bee heer enneh minnit... adn yue beddar nawt loozink deez leggiez effur, yoo purr purr kitteh yoo... aww... hooza a tuu-legged kitteh?... hoo? hmm? *skritchie skritchie* yoo arr! yesh, yoo!

    1. OO, Antie Roofie! Dat dreem wuz SEW REEL! Ai dreemd dat dere wuz dis big goggie, see, nd he had mii by his TEEFS! And he wuz runnin away wif mii but mai mawm, she wunt let him nd shii grabbd a hoald and d goggie an mai mamma dey pulled nd pullD nd pulled and den,, and den,,, nd den, O, Antie ROofie, ai woked up nd my frunt feetzies and leggies r awl GONN!!!


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