1. Purrhaps Serena wud be willen tu ware a larj Swiffur duster fingy tide arownd hur bodee adn den waller arown unner de furnichur so ai nawt haztu du no dustin unner dere.

    1. Naow DEREZ a nydeeah, TT! Serena'z berry bersatyle. Awreddy, shii hoaldz daown M portint payperz, warmz d pyooter keyz, groze furz sew mawm kin mayk batbat toi stuffinz, testz d bed 2 c if d anti-antigrabbity debyss iz stil werkin...wye nawt? Sune sheel b askin fur a rayz!

  2. *goze contrary to teh publik opinion*
    Absoposilutely, Miss S.! Yea awr goin awn uh lubly trip tu Kalifornia, where I can pet yoo, and hug yoo, and lub yoo, and admire yor beyootimusness.
    *waits anxiously foar next "rawk" parcel from TM*

    1. Hmmmm. Ai hazza werreed naow, snc. My mawn iz owtsyde nd iz mutterin sumpin bowt finding sum hevvy roks 2 frow thru d innnertubez. Inny ideer wot dat kud meen?

  3. Noooe! Silleh kitteh, nebbur!

    Yew stay ryt derr -- iyam combing tew skritchy yew adn pat yew in a foo weeks! 😀

    Yoo Serena purr purr gurl, yoo!


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