1. Oh! Oh! Wipes tears of laughter from eyes! Tries to avoid stepping on glasses, where they have fallen in a fit of laughter, while on the way to search out a new box of Kleenex!

    1. No, kitteh, ai'z afrayt ai dunawt kno hoo yu iz, butt if yu will step akrost de streat tu de psikyatrik's orfiss, dey mite ablol tu halps yu wif dat.

  1. It duzzn;t matter whoze kitteh I am associated wit.

    All dat matters is that :-
    1. ai is a kitteh
    2. ai haz the number of Kitteh Elite Response Squad
    3. If ai don get mai drinkl in the next 10 minits - yew will be hanging upside down from high diving bord above deep end ob pool
    4. And the pool will be drayned.
    5. Yowr general manager will be waking up next to the severed hed of his deputy manager
    6. Now yew has 9 minits to get me mai drink


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