It's Yer Burfdaze!!

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#bday cake5

Toodae iz a Burfingdae,  I wunner for whomz?
It muss bee for sum bunny rite inna dis room.
Sew luks alla round yoo fore sum bunny hoo
Iz smilee and happi, mai gudness, iz yoo!

Hippo Hippo Burfingdae to our Maryh (Cookie) frum awlz ub us to lubberlee wunnerfulls yooze,

CongraRatulashuns too you, and hopez dat alla yer sweetz dweemz come troo!!!!

*Dwags inn aba BEEG BOX ub Burffdae funs*  Lessee wots in heer todae!!

Derz caek -Fudjee wiffy Whipped Kreem and sum Stromberry foods cake too.

Hows about sum icey skreem #bday icecream and Cookies bdaycookies

Blowee Fings  ##bday noiseand sum 'lil dinos #bday dinos

Lastly and Bestly ders Balloonies and Streemers and PARTAY hats Furr Funs and Furr Awls!!!

HBirthday balloonsstreamersstreamersHBirthday balloons

LOVE Y’all  Sin Seer Lee – ME!!BurfingDae Bunneh small

Happy Birthday!  Sept 2, 2014  2:00pm


  1. Happibirfingday, Cookie! Yoo amz a sweetee, jist lyk yore naym! Fankeez 2 U nd d Birfday Bunny fur all d sweetz nd nyss toiz!


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