1. *Eyez deh drinkeez*

            Kin u rustle up annuzzer wunna dem fur a hard working ?
            I haz ben werking at mai knitting machine tuday making a sweater fur deh grandsun.

            *haz a hopeful*

              1. I don't finso eether uv mai grannyz knitted ennyfing fur mii. Mai mom, on dhe uzzer paw, knitted so much dat shii actually wore a groove in hur right index finger bone frum awl deh yarn passing over it fur 80 yrs.

                1. Ai kin beleebz it! Mai gramma wud karee hur prawjik in her apern pokkit nd krowshay wylol shii wawked 2 d nayberz haus. Ai haz wun uv d bedspredz shi krowshayed dat way, wun mowteef atta tyme.


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