1. roofie, if we ever hear that Baysay is doing this, we'll all know that your MOM will have turned as blue as the background in the lol!

      1. Nebbur feer, Baysay wiwl nebbur du dis ifinkso.

        Dis am Wally. Himz a howss skrrl. Himz woz faownd azza weensy babbeh wif noe harez adn eyse shut tight. Wally bean brittid awp wiffie beeeg goggehs adn lotsa uvver howss aminolz.

  1. I see nuffin wrong wif dis pikshur (weird color notwithstanding).

    Kitteh iz clearly an engineer an' haz simply pawzishuned himself tu acheev maximum water flow based awn teh principlez ob flooid dynamiks and tung tu fawcet coadjuvancy.


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