1. 🙂 berri klebbur!
        Ai salf sensured a cawmint awn teh preebius lol butt nao ai kin obzurve dat kitteh wuz seemings tu injoy hazzing a gud joe blob. 🙂

  1. Gud gawd! Swuund adn sploarted pikklolz ebbeh waerz!!

    *presses panic button foar dyson robotic CCC tew assist adn tidy Snc adn tm*

    *woks awf tu address low blud shugad wiff nomz* 😉

    1. Fanks Roofie. Dat wuz berry heroic tu reskyoo us wen yew yorself wuz feeling peckish.

      Just wun fing. Teh robot CCC's sparkling waters felt uh bit oily. I fink we need tu check it's gaskets. Yooshully I lubricate my braynes wif a 40 oz , nawt forty weight.

  2. Lookit doze swep-bakk eerz an faise furz! Dat bebbeh look liek heez inna gail-forse wyndstoarm! Kinda liek dis wun heer.... (butt ob kors we kno de bebbeh will be saif, jus liek Buster...)

  3. Hao abowt a nice Sunday afternoon mad-lib?

    1. family member
    2. verb-ing
    3. adjective
    4. noun
    5. place
    6. adjective
    7. noun
    8. unit of measure
    9. noun
    10. verb-ed
    11. vehicle
    12. place
    13. noun
    14. body part
    15. noun
    16. body part
    17. color
    18. adjective
    19. body parts
    20. tool
    21. body part
    22. make believe creature

            1. Wun nite my sekkund kuzzin and I were owt skwishing wen wii saw uh raspy green EM in tej Taj Mahal.  At furst, I fot it wuzza sawft smelly Roofie spekulum, butt(!) I gnu it coodn't bii wen a bushill-foot-pound ob drumz tripped and painted out of it, and dat iz teh last fing wii remembered.  Seberl howrz later, wii awoke in owr tractor sled on teh side of teh grossery stoar church steeple, and we had a rock on owr cranium, and a kitty awn owr knee cap.  Under hypnopsis, I remembered shartruse colored creechurez, wif bodacious tatas, and they stuck a paint roller in my skull.  Although I yoozed tu bii uh skeptik, dat iz why I nao beleeb in centaurz.

                    1. Green shart ruse tu bii eggzakt.
                      Anyone care foar a cocktail?
                      *tips SNC forward and poors seberal glasses owt of wunnada holez in hiz hed*

                    2. It's nawt reelly shart. Dat's just da name of it.
                      Yew gno, da cocktayles often hab teh funny names.
                      It's just a ruse...a shart ruse specifically.

                      Like Sex on da Beech
                      or Slippery Nipple
                      or Funky Cold Medina

                    3. *wotchez EM wif interest az she hallucinates*
                      *after drinking teh green shart ruse*
                      Awww...dat's cute. 😀
                      She's gawt her eyez clozed, and it's luuks liek
                      she finks she's running away frum sumfing.

      1. *snc am aproobed furr a loan ub elebenty kwarts ub shoo pee an a pint ub shart ruse*
        : iffn yoo kin repay dat bae nexx Choozdae furr no purrscent an I won't gib yoo a sharp point to da


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