1. Wow. Goin akkordin to plan? Awn Skejjule?? Unner budjit??????

      Hez got mai voat fur all-supreem roolIer. If dat faylols, I voat Mr. Furry-foar-paws (nawt sure eggsactly wut he is) for prezzy dent! Adn he kan fill all ob teh seets in kongriss too!

                    1. Wut in tha sam hail is up wiff THAT poast!

                      Whappity Spuunz!! Halp! Halp! I just owted mysaff azza chonklit feend!!! Poeleess!!

                    2. Roofie!

                      Aiz nawt sure I unnerstood yoar post, Butt! I, too, LUBS Moonstruck chonkilts!! Bedderrer to be a chonklit feend den a plain ole feend, enyways, aifsinkso.

                    3. Mao poast posta be unnerneef Snc's lass poast in dis fred, adn luk liek:

                      Kin wii stiwl snugglol? #heer meening tu hug snc gentlolly sew himz shart reuse oar teh libations yoo gibbon him nawt skwerts owt#

                      Der woz anudder lion butt wot wuz soopryzink woz a linkie i copied tu a txt apeerd heer, thus owtging maisaff a Muunstrukkaholik.

                      Doez am yummeh -- yew amma fan tew!

  1. Sew far, mai planz 4 d wiik end r goin gud, 2! Ryte naow ai'm watchin paynt dry nd waytin fur it 2 kule awf a bit; mebee kin yoink owt summoar planteez B4 d skeeterz kumz owt. 2morrow wen d paynt haz "kyoored" ai'll put down sum shellf webbie stuffz nd den set d pantree gudz bak up. Dis went a LOT eezier dan ai fowt!

    1. Wow, ai envy yoar produktivitie, TM! Mebbe you cud send me sum ob those werkity vibes?? Ai bin trying to see how still ai kin be this week end. Trying to get teh kat to maik dinnur (she's not oblijing ).

      1. It wud b moar bedderer 2 send yoo sum werkitty vibez dan 2 b yoinked akross kuntry via d innerwebz lyke lasst weekend wif snc n EM doin a tuggawar.
        I allus sed d oanliest fing ai hayte worserer dan werk iz durt.

      2. Wurd tew da wyz, JuneyB, dass hao owr tm wun mii obbur lass yeer!

        Mai sloth am drawrn tew tm's accomplishminkeh liek a moff tew a flaym! 😉

        Ahm eebin goe wing frumb owr coast awl da wae inland tu gigglol wiffie tm!!!

        Sawwee tm, butt teh spirrit am ryzing inn mii tew TESTIFY!!!

        1. I got it in mai hed to kleen lass nite, which ended up wif me in teh shower, cleaning maiself, warshing mai hayr, and skrubbing teh tiles all at teh saym tiem. Then ai needed a liddle lie-down. Foar teh rest of teh nite.

          (kredit to teh hilarimouse Allie Brosh from "Hyperbole and a Half")

          1. Dis am a noo wun 2 mii. will habz 2 googlol dat wun.

            Yeerz ago ai sined up for a blogg (no longer go there) nd lurnt abowt doin ikky werkittee stuffz ya no wanna dew fur ownlee 15 minnitz at a tyme. Hekk, ai kin doo DAT!!! nd den go dew sum uvver ikky fing fur 15 minnitz. Rinse. Repeet. Purdy sune, yooz gawt a kleen hows nd it din't killya, needer.
            Yoo shud SEE alla stuffz aiz gotten dun inna passt yeer. yood nawt Beleebz it.

            1. Did you reely do just 15 minutes atta tyme? Ai am akshully berry kurious. Ai am in sore need ob a kickstart, and heck, I cud do 15 minutes too! (Haz an insptired - fanks TM!)

              Teh blog of Allie Brosh, mentshuned abov, am berry ufnee (adn poinyant).

              1. Yeah, JuneyB, you can actually set your kitchen timer for15 minutes and then you'll work like a Trojan cuz you know you can legitimately QUIT when it goes off. Just set a goal that's appropriate for the time. Like, JUST clean the silverware holder. (You know how skanky they can get. ) That will make you feel so good that you'll want to pull the whole drawer next and wash it. Next you'll want to do some other tiny unit. All ginormous projects are made of tiny units

                1. This is really helpful, fanks TM!! I've not had it in me laetly to dive into teh big projekts, but i kan start small, and ai yam inspiryed to kleen teh fridge (for 15 minutes) tomorrow!

                  On an existenshul noate, I've been watching teh excellent remaik of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, adn everything begins wif tiny units. Your wurds, they are wise!


          Note to ebbrybunny eltz, dis is WUN uf d reezins aiz been kleenin and pullin weeds lyke a mad wommin, soze roofie n ai kin tayk TWO WEEKS OFF to FUUL AROWND!!!! WOOT!!!WOOT!!!

          (D uther reezin iz kuz aiz fynlolee haz tyme. "Retired" on March 1 so theze R awl "Sigh, Some Day" stuffz nd it feelz SEW GUD 2 C dem get DUN, FYNOLOLLEE!)

    1. ♪ Chin chilla me
      Chin chilla me
      Chin chin cher-ee
      A VR is az lucky
      Az lucky can be ♪

      ♪ Chin chilla me
      Chin chilla me
      Chin chin cher-ool
      I'll nawt push my luck wen
      I let da cats rule ♪

        1. Yew tuk teh wurdz owtta mai mowf!
          Hao yew dood dat??...

          Enneh wae, YESH, Snc bean verreh sawngzeh adn aye heerbai rekwests himz compozichuanz bee saybed in owr Sawngz ob owr Pikklolz! 😀


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