1. Da nexx sebberal daze I mite nawt be round az muchlee. Final pooooosh to get TK pAkked furr collij!!
    Her tooked kare ub her top priorities - hare dyed REDRED an cut soooooper short onna da sydes an longer onna da tawp - berry kewt an "hip". AND - a teeny tiny nose stud an two ohai eer piercings. I no gets it butt wottebber

    Now hopefully she kin pakk her klothes.

      1. Ai prolly wunt bee arownd mush maiseff, gotta wurk boff dayz dis weekend an prolly boff neggst weekend. Hadda kansil gowin owt tew dinner fer mai sisturs birfday akawse dey slammed uz awn mandatoree obertyme wiv fyve minnits notise

        Blargh, ahm tyred

        1. Souwnz lyke my YL-sis's and ai R awl inna saym bote! Awn this end itz moar yard werkkitiez and naow ai hazza wyld hare abowt tuchhin up d paynt in d kicchhen. Hoo noo "retyrement" kud b SUTCH fun?!?

              1. Awwwwwwwwww.....EM.....teh liddol TK am juss spredding hur gnu wings. She will be back tu teh nest lots! An yu gots Skype, amirite? An tecksting? An tokking? An bizzits?

                1. Her did! Butt den, wuzzint taht teh plan?? An sides, her will allus be yur babbeh gurl, no madder hao manny thymes she gets teh edjy harekuts!!


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