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Sums ub yoo may recall ... dat wii  started a Ylolz Dating Serbice Kalled eHominy

Da Nawt Sekkond Member wuz da Lubberly Ariel

Ariel Ariel 2

Den wii had posts by da Intrepid Bud

An ub Korse Baysay -- hoo jest LUBS da Boiz



KLEERLY - dis am nawt enuf memberz furr a hole Webby Site furr da aminlols of Ylolz to finds lub

Wii knos y'all gots da Smexy critters atta home -- lets get dem hooked ups!!

Submits yer pikky an profiles and wii weel feechur wun per day az dey komes inn -- an wee kin haz a linkee to all eHominy profiles -- (rite --- wii kin kant wee SNC) ub korse wii kin ---

Lookie lookie!!!  ober der an sum waze .... ware it sez "catagories inna cloud" an lookee fur "eHominy" klikky dat furr alla da profiles ...

Affer wii gets enuf members, maybe wee kin hazz a member ebent to let dem all meets eech udders --- a Sundae Affernoon Tee and Swimp Buffet?  Ore Dwikies an 'in onna Fryday??

Submit da Profile Likee yoo doo a LOL -- iffn yoo needs halp wiffy dat jest let us kno ...

AUG 8, 2014   10:05 pm



  1. YEAH!!!!! A mixur lieknowr pardy in da ohai tree bakkin teh day (last yeer??)

    Beemembur, EM, der woz dansin adn poppie corms adn adn udder stuffs?!!

              1. Pine nuts
                Quaykur oats
                Roofie's floofieez
                Samminz foar kitteh palz
                Uneek delicat fingz
                Veneeshun valeesiss
                Xcellent hickoree faek meet tofu snawsedgez
                Yummeh barbeque'd nomz
                Zagnut bar smoarz

      1. Wuz mai own fawlt fer purrkrastinaytin. Wud seem strainge naow, wuz sew smexy dat awl teh boyz wud want tew meet hurr an dere wud bee disaperntmint runnin rampint amung teh mayle populayshuns 😉

          1. Yeps Alla boyz inna yard alla tyme!

            Ai arsk u, (dis pixure frum sebrel yeerz ago afore teh helff prawblims) whoo cud haz resistid teh smolderin glanse, teh glossy furz, teh prtty wite bib, teh snoflaik blankit? 😉

  2. Ai lubs awl teh pixures uv teh eHominy klients, speshulee teh wun uv pritty Ariel. Ai luv wen kittehs dew dat 'o sew nawnchalawnt' crosst paws fing, sew kashual an yit sew eligint!

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