Ohai!!  mj heer.  Gotsa kwestion or twu fur ya.

It seems peepz reely enjoyed deh party yesterday.  So I ben thinking wii needs to haz more uv dem.  Now, in order tu gib deh peeplolz wut dey wants, wii needz tu know wut it am u wants!!  


If u answered yes above, plz tu ansering dis kwestion:


Just wun more kwestion:


Ok, dat wuz really three kwestyuns.    In deh comments, plz tu telling us wut u liked best or least, or enny other relavent thots.

Thank yoo fur ur time and thotz.  


  1. Ohai whappiteez!!!

    O mai starz, wotta a nawwsumz week ! ! ! 😀

    Iyam sawwee i woz nawt ablol tu joyning -> mai foan [hurumph] twuz nawt loading fastly yestidday!!

    Butt i bean krakkeeng awp tudae reading ebbeh fing fum yestidday!

    Thank you Sir nc foar awl the wunnermuss smylolieez dat expand owr zany play. And fankew each of goo foar awl yoo du tu providing this awsumz playhowss tu let loose adn boing boing boing in! I happily hv azmatik fit laffink wif everwun!!!

    Aye liekeed:

    The noshun of elekting smylolieez;

    The noshun of campaigning AND hao kwiklee it disintegrated or morphed intu the moast unexpekted mud slinging adn wyld silliness;

    The voating was sooper eye ketchy & ohai tex/soe fish tee katie;

    The preppy rayshunz ob the flannel peeps;

    The pikshurz, the gnu kwipmints at the Emporium, Channing Tatum (rawr rawrr), the HEXPEERiensiss;

    The events, purrfurmansiss, dansy dansessess, NOMZ!! OMSS the NOMZ!!

    Aylubbitt aylubbitt aylubbitt AWL!!!

  2. I've noticed the voting, partys & other themes inspire many creative outlets for the flannloletts. I like variety. 😀 I don't like, for examplol, talk like a pirate day. It seems all the jokes that could be made, would happen in 1 LOL. Then it goes on & on for LOL after LOL year after year. I like the Mad-Libs too. I like the way the powers that be incourage the funny and the sometimes outrageous. Keep up the good work!

  3. I like the fact that we can all have a good time in good fun without anyone getting upset about silly things.

    Ai alsoIthinkso lub catz - grate big wuns and itty bitty wuns.

  4. Ai lyking teh partiez, purraydes, wateber, fer teh speshul okayshuns, say fer hollydaze, oar fer big reel eventz (teh horse raise partiez wuz AWSUM). Teh elekshuns wyz sew mush fun tew!! Ai lyke dem spred owt, dat wai hoapfullee eberywun kan partisipayte at a kornveenyent tyme fer dem.

    Maybee nawt regularlee skejuled wuns...butt aifink peeps cud suggest a theem er event an wee run wivvit?

    Ai fink it wud bee grate tew haz a beech partee sumtyme an maybee a snowbawl fite?

  5. Adn yue kneading tu knoaz ai lubb bunbun's burfdae sillybrayshunz, teh horsie raysiss (i'd nebbur bean ), awl teh uhekspektid outlets foar as pj sed kreaytib adn silleh funz!

    Aye apurrsheeate hao free pikklolz am tew goe wiffie gnu ideerz adn run awae wiff demz .

    Adn yesh, as Captain's Keeper sed ( ohai CK!), it am teh peesablol (peaceful) dat wii kin bee silleh adn noe wun gits orffendi. 😉

    I sae keap awp teh gud finkeringz! Vivá laz pikklolz!!

  6. Aifinksew da regoolarly skedooled wood ebentooly get ignorified --- butt iffn we do wun 3 -5 times a yyer den dey weel bee "speshull" and maybe gets moer peeps ---

    I also likee da sugestification of a partey -- an Beech party is fun. Snow ball fite cud bee lottsa funs too...

    An I alsotooazwell fink we neeed moer Mad Libs ... Iz gotted outta da hobbit.

    1. Wut EM sed! A partee ebry now & den wud be naise adn halp tu keap de ideer fresh adn nawt a fing we feelz lyk we haz tu duing. De sponz tinayiteez ob de parteez iz wut maiking demz fun, aifinks.

      (Haoebber, habbing sed dat, kin ai compleetlie contramadikt maisalf adn reekwesting a Halloloweeny festibbity? Ai duzzint kno...a maskurraid partee oar haunted hause oar sumfing? Ai lubbingz Hallolololoween )

      De lekshin wuz grate funz aftur ai gottid intu itz. Ai hazza reziztintz tu pollyz tiks in eny foarm butt wunst ai looking intu it ai seend hao reelie funneh adn kreeaytib it wuz! A grate ideer tu haz de smyloleez yoozd in sutch a fashin!

      {{{{{{{{{{{{{{peeps ob cheez awl obur de whirrld}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      1. HEER WII GOES ___ A MED-LIB

        1. verb
        2. adjective
        3. noun(plural)
        4. adjective
        5. verb (-ing)
        6 verb
        7 number
        8 adjective
        9 noun (plural)
        10 noun (plural)
        11 noun (plural)
        12 relative (plural)
        13 adjective
        14 adjective
        15 noun (plural)

                    1. THE WALMART DIFFERENCE

                      Cum atta da WALMART, ware yoo`ll receibe crumbly diskounts on alla yur faborite brand naem mosquitos. Hour puckish an waggloling associates R thar two lollygag yoo ‘Lebenty-Sebeben ours a dae. Heer yoo weel find da munnies am ripe onna alla da s yoo needz. z an innersolez fur the mamaz, French Toast an brazeerz furr da kidlets anna alla da latest electronics furr da Aunties an Grate-Granmuvvers. Sew comez onna down to yer phoney crunchy adorable WALMART ware da milk bottles come nawt sekkond!

  7. Furst ob awl, I wanna ohpawlawjize dat I cood nawt play az much az I wanted at da brawl. I kept peeking in an' ing MAO but cood nawt stawp berry often tu say much.

    Sekkundly, fankyoo eberywun foar honoring mii at ta brawl, but the credit foar teh smilies really goze tu awl ob you. Pikklolz haz gawt mad creativities. I yam just da humblol servant dat turnd summa dem dem intu liddlol globs ob pixlolz.

    Nao, much like the regular LOLz, I luv dat teh speshul features and events provide the catalyst foar teh conbersayshunz, but teh real fun comez frum teh peeps hoo participate and take an idea in a million different direkshunz. EM and MJ are berry talented (and seemingly tireless sumtimez) organizing eberyfing, but if everywun didn't participate, it wood bii just like wotching a good show awn tee bee. Shur ya'd toon in ebery week, but az good az teh MJ & EM show wood bii, it might git a liddlol predicablol after sum whylolz, just coz creating fresh content iz da hard!

    So, I think it iz a guud idea not tu schedule N-E-fing regular, just weneber teh mood hits us to hab an event, and teh more variety teh better. I agree wif PJ dat sum themes may have run their corse. After awl, we've all bin tugevver foar sum whylolz nao. I fink teh moar spontaneous and unique teh event though, teh moar fun we'll hab, and so teh pikklolz need to halp EM & MJ wif ideas. Eben if yew fink it's sumfing dat just interests yoo, take a chance. You neber know where sumfing iz gunna leed.

    I fink dat's precisely why da mad libs awr teh fun. They awr specifically designed tu result in sumfing unexpected, and eben though teh format iz familiar tu begin wif, you never know wen sumfing outrageous iz going tu kom frum dem. Ahoy pikklolz!!!

    OK dat wuz my fibe cents wurth...*waits foar refund of teh diffrunts*

    1. NC, dhere am no need to apologize fur nuffin. Wii awl knowz dat deh RLS can jump up ennytime and keep peeps away fur ennyfing frum minnitz tu weeks. Wii iz glad tu see u wenebber u can b here. (dat goez fur ebbreewun)

  8. Yes! Yes! Yes! Partees! Partees! Partees!!!!

    *twirl* * twirl* * twirl* * twirl* * twirl* * twirl*

    Ai lubs all teh sujjesshuns abuv - Beechy partee adn snoball fite cud technicloly be enytime since it am alwais wintur adn summer sumwares. Adn a Hallo weenie partee wud be srsly fun!

    Adn ai agree dat "now adn then" wud keep it fresh and speshull.

  9. * lolspeek off and off topic. I just got a VERY brief and rushed email from Maryqos, who is getting last minute stuff done before her second knee surgery tomorrow. I offered to write in for beemz request and she said oh YES PLEASE! Sooo, beemz for Maryqos tomorrow. She was a little bit slow in her recovery last time, so maybe we could help with that, too! *
    PS, I am posting this twice, as there was a go-back post re the mad libs on the following lol.


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