1. Nawt to feeling bad, Elsa Mama -- is sertinlee teh moar important of teh two!!

        Adn dis wud be a gud tiem to telling dat all ob your hard hard werks putting teh scorecards and posts togevver am amazink!!

                1. EM! Ai mist awl ob yoo, akshully. *sprays awl arownd*
                  Teh kar show Sir Cut am winding daon, fank gudness. We wented away for a cuppla weeks just to has sum relaksifying adn due sumfing toadally diffrunt.

            1. A brawl, a brawl...how eggsiting!!

              We needs to bring daets?? Hmmmm... *starts trolling pikapolytishunfoaranite dot com*

      1. I falls asleeps ebbernite to an audiobook -- I replay da saem ones ober and ober -- iz da best best way I has founded to falls asleep -- in less da 30 minutes -- witch am GUDGUD furr mee. Da book distrakifies da part ub mai bwayne dat like to run froo alla da worries etc., but as I has herd it afore, it nawt keep we awake wunnerin wot mite bee happenin nexxnexxnexx.

          1. Yoo shud twy it!! Atta furst a put da timer onna 60 mins den 45 an now just 30 mins and Iz asleep muchlee fasser den dat. Wiffy out it I kin lay in a bed furr a hour or mores.

            Yoo jest gotta find a book wiffy a calm narrator. Oddly the books I use am da hole Lord of da Rings and Hitchhikers Guide an Restaurant atta da End ub da Yooneeberse. So it taeks a wiles to haff a repeet. But I haz lissenz to den multiple tymes


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