1. Mr Spencer wuz jest out inna da bakk yard BARK BARK BARKIN atta sumpfink!! I hadda kalls hims in!!!!!!! Dat haz nawt happined in a ober 6 weekweekweeks!!

    I hazza leeky eyes ... Hims gettin beddR and beddR !!!

      1. an hims wuz PLAYIN dis weekweekweekend!! Brought mii hims stuffed piggy to tug wiffy an stoled a MT plastic bottle to shuffle akross da floor furr a lil bits.

          1. Fanks, EM! (I'm finking I shud reigster sew ai can edit mai self). Also, I saw teh comminks abuv on Spencer -- woohoo on hims feeling bedder!!

              1. Fanks sew much SNC66! Aim offishul Now! *preens*

                Dere be sew many green kwilties, lubbly as dey are, ai may try to futz around and maek a new avatar.


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