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It's Yer Burfdaze!!!!!

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##bday cake3

Toodae iz a Burfingdae,  I wunner for whomz?
It muss bee for sum bunny rite inna dis room.
Sew luks alla round yoo fore sum bunny hoo
Iz smilee and happi, mai gudness, iz yoo!

Hippo Hippo Burfingdae to our laughingcats frum awlz ub us to lubberlee wunnerfulls yooze,
CongraRatulashuns too you, and hopez dat alla yer sweetz dweemz come troo!!!!

*Dwags inn aba BEEG BOX ub Burffdae funs*  Lessee wots in heer todae!!

Derz caek - Fudjee,  Fronsh Stromberry  and lottsa ub Icey Skreeem!!#bday ice cream

Fun fabors furr awll --  Noisey Blowee Fings; sum babby owls;  bday owls

 birthday signbirthday signbirthday sign

Lastly and Bestly ders Balloonies and Streemers and PARTAY hats Furr Funs and Furr Awls!!!

HBirthday balloonsbirthday hatsHBirthday balloons


LOVE Y’all  Sin Seer Lee – ME!!BurfingDae Bunneh small

Happy Birthday!  July 26, 2014  2:00pm

Donn't FURGITS to VOTE!!!

Donn't Furgits to VOTE


Voting will Kommence DIS weekweekweek!! Make yer FINALE Kamp Pain Speechifications!!! --

Votin weel Comm Ence Dis week -- Nawt Alla at wunce az da Krazies ub YLOLs Nommy Nated LOTTSA  Candied Dates ... TM alone Nommy Nated SEBENTEEN Candied Dates .... Hoo Noo Her wuz so Polly Tikklol??

Wee haz STILL nawt herd nuffin frum or who are boff 'in furr VEEP ... I gess dey am runnin onna der passt Rekords ...

Ore frum or furr Hed uv Kulcheral Affarez ... Dey muss bee off onna VaKa sumwhere .... Kulchural

wii still hazza worried bout an 'in furr hed ub da CIA -- dat dey hazzint off'ed eech uddder ...

So pleeze to chekkify da list ub Candied Dates right ober der anna beet uppity too inna da syde bar an startz to figger owt yer pre furred Candied Dates...

July 26, 12:30 pm