1. Awwww...yu bin tu EM's Kitteh Fur Saloon an Byooty Emporium, hazzint yu lil guy???? Dids she try tu telling yu taht the "toylet brush" cut wuz teh laytist luuk????

            1. So dis iz why my eerz whirr burning yesterday.
              Here I jus fot I wuz getting feverish again.
              For da record, I sed I liek pikshurz of
              lyon cut pussy cats, nawt shaved...oh wait, nebermind.

        1. Aifink aisle go tayk a nice cool showr. We can has air condishunning, butt ai had tu go owtside tudai. Pleh. we is hazzing a heet wabe. Pleh. Ai nawt duz guud in teh heet. Pleh.


          EM furdresser eggstrordinayr....

      1. *tug tug tugs EM's sleeb*
        ohai EM! oo! kin wii pkeez sea ying a pikkie ib da missy Teeka wiffie hur boots ADN poofie taylol at teh saym time? Wiffie Teeka ob kors! 😀


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