1. Uh oh!!! Mantari am down!!!

      *runz tu deh CCC*
      *pushes start button*
      *CCC makes funny noisez:* Koff, Hack, Wheeze!!

      Uh-oh!!! Deh CCC am down!!!!

      *dialz 9 elebenty*
      Halpz!!!! Send a mechanic!!!

      Wut? no, I nawt need .

      No, I nawt need a eether!

      I needs a mechanic!!! Deh CCC am borkt!!!!

      1. Stoopy 9-elebenty peeps!!!
        Dey nawt haz mechanicz!?!?!
        Wutz up wif dat???

        *grumble, grumble grumble*
        *Goes owt tu garage and gits tool box.*

        I iz nawt a mekanik, and I duz nawt play wun on TV. But I will see wut i kin do.

        *open hood uv CC and looks in*


        *wigglolz doo-hikky*

            1. *Deh CCC finally comez tu life.*

              VROOOOM!!!! VROOM!!!!


              Heer I come!!!

              Whee-ooo wheee-oooooo

              *gitz owt deh whisk broom and sweepz up awlla Mantari'z braynz.*

              *skoopz dem up and rinses dem off wif PerryYay wadderz*
              *stufz dem bak inside deh braynium cabbity and rearrangez deh brayn bonez awl higglety-pigglety*
              *rapz Deh hed wif purplol Dukky tape tu holding it awl tugezzer*

              Ok, mantari, u come rite ober heer.

              *leadz mantari to deh Splort recubbery lounge*

              Now u sit heer until u b feeling better.
              And no peeking at deh kewt pixorz no more tuday.

              *handz mantari a chokklit possom tu nibblol and a chokklit martoonee tu sip*

              1. Oh, fankees, mai leege! Dat lynx juss crept up on me... Wut teh hek's a bebbeh lynx doin on teh lawn?!


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