1. I am playing poker. A bad thing happened. I had 3 queens. He had full house. I am taking a few minutes to walk it off. Beach volleyball is on tv! Ok, I'm better now after venting. Ohoi, picklols!

    1. Ohai, Smudgie!!! Smudge

      I wented tu see mai Dad tuday. Hii libz in deh Oldee Folksez home. Hii wuz deh ok. 😀 Hii spends most uv himz time ing. Hii am deh 93.

    2. Had sum breffie, went tu teh farmurz markit, bott a buncha peaches adn nektamareenz, pikt awp sum lonch foar mawm, swapped hur sammich foar a plate lunsch, fed teh formerly M.I.A. Baysay hoo disamuhpeerd afoar 4nd ob Jooly, red last Sunday's & today's papurz, wotcht sum teebee, and started playing in YL during a elebenty-iff eppy soda ob Gaem ob Fronez! 😀

      How yew awl am? Wutcher dided tudae, smudgie?


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