1. Ohai! Aifinkso gonna bee moastlee rayne fer uz, wind nawt a signifikunt faktor. Tew bahd peeps forff planz spoild tho 🙁

  1. Wunst uponz a daytiem hairy ,
    Az ai stumblols, berry wary,
    Fru a paff ov sordid kitteh toize adn moar,
    A kitteh in mai paff iz hokking Up a hayrball wyol Ize wokking,
    Iz himz kitteh way ob tokking, hokking awn mai chamber flore.
    "Wud yu mynd," ai grumblold, "hokking awn sum uvver flore?"
    Datz awl ai aks, adn nuffing moar.

    1. To witch da kitteh sez "Nevermoer"

      Nevermoer I sez in eggsitmint!! Dats it!!! No moer horkkin onna mai Chamber Floer? To witch da kitteh smirks an sez no moer ...

  2. Quoth wuz developin kwite da komplex. Raven Match event nawt goin as planned. Ebberywun kept snerkin atta hims an wen he axes da lady Ravens out dey jest gigglol an sez "Nevermoer"

        1. Adn ob kors we trabblolz inna blak limmazeen.

          "Ize de frenlee stranjur inna blak sedan,
          Woant yu stepz inside mai kar..."

  3. *sigh* aifinksew da Teeka weel needz to getz a Lion Cut. All looks well an den I notiss her has terrybobblol AWFUL mats awl onlongz BOFF sides ub her bakk.

    Iz been werkin on dem, butt dey am bad and now her wen her seize mee. Aifinksew mite bee best to just taekes her in to da V-E-T an gets it all dun fass fass.

    Aye'll ax dem wen I taeks Spencer in furr hiz checksup an blud werks.

      1. Aifinksew weel bee less stress den mii tryin to pikk dems owt. Den I kin bee a better brusher sew herr nawt gits dem agin.

        Pogo onlee a leetlol wun dat I pikked out.

          1. Eeder dat oar a strwang niid 4 sum Mettamyoosill.

            (*Funny - there's that one little "catch" that Burt Lahr captured so perfectly in his Wizard of Oz performance! He must have studied quite a few lion recordings to prepare for that role.*)

        1. Marco yoozd ta lub da lyon cut. He'd wawk arowd da howse struttin' foar days afterwurd, jumping awn map lap tu say, "Hey! Woodya git uh load of mii? Cool huh? Go awn...pet mii, pet mii, it feels so funky!"


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