1. ♫ Wii are feline
    And wii fink yo'r fine
    Gawt my flash awn it's troo
    Need dat pixor ob yoo
    It's sew magical
    We'd be sew fantastik, oh ♫

    ♫ Sport lotsa floofs
    Yur hair's glamorous
    Nawt sure wot dat proofs
    But dis foto ob us
    It don't hab uh price
    Reddy foar doze flashing lights
    'Cawz yoo know dat baby I ♫

    ♫ I'm yor biggest fan
    I'll follow yew until yew lub mii
    Paw Paw-Pawparazzi
    Baby tharz no otter sooperstar
    Yew know dat I'll bii yor
    Paw Paw-Pawparazzi ♫

  2. NE ub u Pikklols kno bout Tatoos?? TeenyKat wants a tatoo furr to members her brudder .... Butt her habs NO IDEER how to kno iffn her is gettin a gud wun ore nawt. How much munnies and stuffs. Mae faught is nawt to cheep owt on it.

    I no matters bout ware yoo am .... Butt yea - jest axin

        1. Ai haz noe purrsonal knowlidje butt seemz tew bee guud advyse heer...


          Tips on how to find a good tattoo shop before getting a tattoo.

          1. Bes nawt tew rush, aifink, chek owt at leest a cupple shops, ask tew see examplols uv dere wurk, chek teh klenliness uv teh plaise an sew awn

    1. Lawts of yung wimmens hav tattoos in Oz. Tehy seem intent awn having teh biggest nd fugliest wuns, tuu. Tehy shud luk at older wimmens wiv tattoos taht ar visiblol but hoo knoze wot tehy yoost tu be.
      No offenss tu Teeny, but tattoos fade and teh writing will bekum a mess in a few short yeers.

      1. I kno. Butt she hazz it in her hed. Her wants sumpfink as a tribute to her brudder.
        A composite pik ub an alto sax; a basketball and his birthdate.

        1. Ai wreckummend a rode trip tu Ft Wayne Indyannur tu bizit Teresa Sharpe. Hur iz teh ! Berri artistiklol adn talintid
          Dis ware hur wurks: http://s13tattoo.com/
          Adn yu kin googlol hur tu fynding more byootimus eggzamplols ov hur wurks. Mai filosofee iz if yur gunna haz sumfing furrebur, git teh bestist!
          Gud luks tu Teeny. Ai wud lubs tu seeing hur inque if hur desidings tu get did. 🙂

            1. Hur nawt diddid teh Bambi wun (adn yesh iz kreepy). If yu clikkity awn hur nayme den it will showing onlee hur byootimus stuffs. 🙂

                    1. TK is psych'ed! She lubs da werk of TS!! She beez goin to collij in Bloomington -- sew nawt reelee close -- but is otay. Her will fink fink fink bout wot SNC sewd and cumbs up wiffy a proposal to sends in an maebee wee goez der afore or affer her orientation in joolye.

    2. **warning filosofiklol waxing follows**

      I gawt wun tattoo (ub a dragon), sew my eggperience iz limited. Howeber...

      I hab often fot ob gettin wun of a German flag & British flag, wiffa 'Merikan flag in da middlol, tu tribute my parents an' heritage. Ob corse, I wood hab tu frow in a Canadian flag and a Jewish flag too

      Anyway...gno wun fing befoar considering anyfing else...tattoos can be addictive...nuff said.

      Da techniclol stuff, yew will finger owt yorself thru normal due diligence, sterile, experienc'd artist, effekt of age awn rendition, etc. But, eben foar a simple small one, yew shood still expect tu spend a couple/few hundred dollars. Just remeber dat expensive does not guarentee guud. Interview da artist. If he or she cares abowt hiz oar her craft, den he or she will not mind you tawking tu dem while they wurk on somebody, so yew can also see the process, given dat the client duzzint mind. Bottom line, you have to feel good personally abowt the artist regardless of hiz/her techniklol credentials.

      So, tekniclol fings aside, my biggest concern foar myself haz always been teh personality of teh experience. After all, foar awl intents and purposez, dis is permanananananent. So...My advice to Teenycat wood bii...

      Make sure dat it iz somefing dat yew can live wif foreber, good, bad or indifferent. Make sure the icons that yew awr choosing trully reflekt yor thots t'ords da message yew awr trying to convey. Ask yorself, do the icons just serve the purpose of getting a tattoo? Do they just serve the purpose of being ablol to put something (anything) in a tattoo, or do they trully serve to immortalize yor rememberance, and iz a tattoo really teh best medium foar that? Play devils advocate with yorself. Can you find/assemble the icons into something else dat might be moar appropriate and meaningful? And trust in yorself to make the best decision abowt whether or not yew awr doing the best thing to honor teh thing you want to immortalize. Do that, and it will be teh rite decizshun.

      Dat said, because ink izza limited art (fings like shading dat lend credence to teh realizm and emotional connekshun awr...frankly...HARD), in fairness tu da artist (and yorself), try tu pick renditions of icons (and the icons themselves) that reflekt the essence of the message rather than trying to capture dat essence in da techical details of the tattoo itself. After all, the tattoo is there to represent the essence of the icons rather that it representing the essence of the message in it's rendition. And alwayz remember, the artist iz just a steward of the rendition, not a steward of the message. That way, no matter wot the experience wif da artist, nor his/her success in rendering what yew intendended, nor whether or not the cool factor sufficiently pays tribute to wot yew intended, that lasting fing dat you decided to do tu yor body will have lasting meaning dat trancends the actual rendition.

      As a microsm of example, in the eighties, I pieced my eer (before it wuz cool to do it). Then, when everyone else did it, I lost interest because the experience was diluted by da masses flocking tu be cool. I don't regret doing it, but needless to say, I don't wear an eering anymore. Actually, I do once in a while when I'm feeling particularly anti-establishment, but I digress. The point iz that something like an eering iz E-Z tu undo. Tattoos awr nawt. It's moar than just a fashion statement, whether others can see it or not, you can still see it, and so it shood be designed to hab lasting meaning to yew.

      Even my tattoo, which iz a dragon, and which haz multiple meanings... From the days I used to be labeled a nerd (today embraced) because I wuz intu D&D, to teh girl I woz dating at the time hoo wuz intu fantasy/sci fi, all the way up to teh the core reason I gawt it, which wuz dat it represented strength and heart, dat I associate with it to dis day, I question my intentions sometimes. But ultimately, I'm glad dat I gawt it because 25 yeers later (longer with than without) it still holds meaning tu wot I intended with it. Eben tho it is nao faded, and my arm is not az muscular az it used to be and its shape haz changed over time, I can still remember wot I wanted it to say about me, and I remember all teh timez it haz reminded me of the type of person I wanted to be, and wot I wanted it tu say abowt me. And, even tho it's nawt az glamorous or cool looking az it wunce wuz, it still means wot I intended, and foar that reezun, I do not regret it.

      1. Yoo am da best SNC. I read the hole post to TK and she is thinking about yiu sed.

        Very elequent thx for the time it took yoo to put it together. That is lovely gift to my sweet dotter!!



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