1. 1. 3-legged bull
      2. Flying bull
      3. Canned bull
      4. Charlais
      5. Debil inna Red dress
      6. Bruce Lee Bull
      7. Dyn-o-mite Bull
      8. Two Bull or nawt twu Bullz
      9. White bull inna snow storm

      ps -- I iz lowsy at deze fingz.

          1. wellllll.... you had can and bull ... but a canned bull am nawt reelee da saem as a cannible.... i meen yoo eet a canned bull and a cannable eets yoo .....

  1. I haz maed wadder Keefirs!! Iz nommy fizzy stuff - kinda likee pops, but wiiffyy da gud gud gut bugglies dat halp ebberyfing!! Da TeenyKat an I rassle furr hoo gets to dwinkee moer. Iz berry nommy!!

    Hab sum amlky keefirs startin todae -- dat weel bo nommy too!!!

  2. Ai figgured owt awl ob dem essept 1 adn 8. Ai kept finking 1 had somefing tu dew wif fthree legz, adn 8 had somefing tu dew wif a wevvervane.
    Ai liked deze!!!


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