1. Nao, y wood yew finks dat ai wuz climing teh curtinz. Rilly!!
    Ai wuz just gonna point owt tu yew dat dis wun wuzzint hanging rite.
    *pull pull*
    *snag snag*
    Dere. Awl beddor.



        1. I fink I yam dun foar sum whylolz. I gawt thru eberyfing awn da list (and den sum) except canapes for Roofie (dat's a tuff wun coz sew many varieties) and a handful of gnu wunz dat TM rekwested.

          I fink I'm gunna give it a couple of dayz and then clear the list of awl da wunz dat awr dun nao, so dat I'll hab a fresh (a.k.a. small) list tu wurk frum neggst tiem I start.

          Nao I can get tu sum otter projekts dat I've been meenin' tu git tu.

          But...enuff of dat foar nao...

          Nao it's play time.

  2. Yez yu iz cot! We haz lawze aginst Peepin Skweeks in dis nayburhud!
    Ebin wen itz frum inSYDE de hause.

    Clymen da kurtinz, yeah, rite. Hao minny tiemz haz we hurd dat wun....

                    1. @EM - I'll do ya one better. Since a profile view foar up and down can be either wif teh top of his head facing left or right, think run vs runback, and dat duzzint really need da pixor itself tu change, just rotate it, I'll add an option to all four run smileys so you can rotate dem 0 to 360 degrees. Some anglolz will make teh pixor a liddlol fuzzy, but 90, 180 & 270 will look perfekt because teh width and height of teh pixorz are (will be) an even number of pixlolz. Anglolz liek 45 should look pretty good too.

                    1. *tikklolz cweenz fuuties*
                      *then smuuvs awn chia seed mixture wiffie popsikklol stik*
                      *waterz wiffie tynee wadduringz kan*
                      Yer walcomb!


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