1. ohai, wagglolly eyebrowse!!
          *batbatbat eyelashes*
          Aww, stawppit yoo! *brushes ayr at wagglolly eyebrowse*

          Haowz bai YEW? 😉

          ~>*takklol...SKWEEEzul EM*

            1. *pat pat pats EM*
              Hmm, waer did i goe???
              Mawm and Mama and Mommeh Baysay and mii am geddink beddar & beddarer, fanks. 😉

              I hugglol yue {{{{{{EM}}}}}!!

              Gotta !! Picking awp my gnu Dyson Grranimal Cordless Brayn Vac 2014! =)))

              Roofie retribution am shweeeeet muuu huu waah ah ahhh!!!

    1. Oh deer, oh deer.
      Hao lawng hab yew ben liek dis, my leej?
      Dis am gunna hab tu bii kwik, I'm awn my way owtta da howse.

      *opens CCC portable furst aid kit*
      *gets owt dust bin and broom and sweeps da bwaynes awp*
      *rinses braynes with sparkly wadder*
      *scoops dem awp and puts dem bak in her highness' branium cabity*
      *replayces teh hed bones* *click* *click* *click*
      *wraps in duckee taype* *Brrrrrrrrip*
      *snaps awn a 50's baving cap w/doi*
      *brings the cween tu wif smelly salts* *crack* *snif* *PU-phew*
      *wraps teh cween in floofy cheezmap blankee*
      *gibs teh cween sum hawt chonklit tu slurp*
      *and a chonklit to nom*
      *straps teh cween tu a gurnee and pushes it towards*
      *teh splort recovery lounge set awp in the nawty barn*
      *teh cween zooms down teh hill*
      *right thru teh swinging doors of teh NB/SRL*
      *down uh hall and intu a private ruum*
      *and comes tu a rest rite under a Joo Janta PSA poster*
      *a pair of peril sensitibity glasses falls frum a shelf*
      *and lands awn teh cween's face*
      *Yells down teh hill thru the open window in teh cweens ruum*
      Nao rest a while
      and don't look at da cayoot!
      Ewe'll feel bedder in no tiem!

    2. Mj?
      *dives foar the CCC Smartcar for Two*
      *turns engine on: (silence bekoz it am ellektrik)
      *peels owt to cweenmj*
      *jumps owt wif gnu Dyson Aminlol cordless brayn vac*
      *speedily and accurately vacuumz awp awl ob cmj's brayn bits befoar vaccum battery is exhaustid*
      *empties braynz intu 24k gold plated sieve*
      *spritzes wif kewl elektrolyte waddurz tew halp set synapses tu fyr gudgudgud*
      *replaces braynz intu unbrayned hed cabbity *
      *pats dry any drips & replaces headboanz*
      *applies sealant alawng hedboan seamz*
      *blow dries sealant wif dryer awn COOL setting*
      *applies CHRG--ssssSNAP!! adn ducky tayps abuv teh : rap rap rap rap rap rap rap rap rap rap rap rap rap rap rap rap*

      *places cmj intu CCC Smartcar for and drybz obbur to teh Splort recubbery lownj*
      *leeds hur tu a nice comfy reclining zero-grabbity bak support chayr*
      *tuk tuk tuks hur in wiffa cozy flannel blankie wif awtomatik Snc handslapperz*
      *tuxa babbeh Bud toi inna cruk ob hur armie*
      *rowlz in a tray wif a chonklit gila mawnster and a chonklit *
      Der der, mj, yew restie der and nawt tu luuking at enneh kyoot!
      Heerz a seering novel abowd the loves of Richard Nixon tu spellbind yur recubbering brayn cells.

                    1. erm...ai luv teh kween an king (an awl teh smylees) butt wen ai hover mai poynter ober teh king tew see haow itz maid it sez kinE. Izznt dat kow relayted, nawt royaltee?

                    2. A glitch??! Noe!! Nawt a GLITCH!!!

                      it duz sai 'king' in teh new smylees list fingy, ai jus happined tew hover over teh smylee wiv teh poynter an notised 'kine'

                    3. sez: You don't vote for kings. The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur.

                      THAT is why I am your king.

                    4. Yoo guise crack mii awp.

                      By the way...it's fixed nao.

                      @EM - Da king wuzza rush jawb (justin afterthot tu da queen). I don't like teh smile either. Still looking for sumfing moar regal, and less hammerd.


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