1. Ai fowt teh sekkond wun hadda knowing, hubba-hubba kinda luuk, wif teh waggalee eyebrowz 😉

                    1. Yeth, awl the dwinkies and nomz DU seam nommyur wif moar defth and diffy nihshunz.

                    2. Oh yeah...I forgawt dat I refined summa da foods, too.

                      There am also icons awn all da sidebar buttons now too...and the flags widget matches teh color theme of the site and haz moar flags.

                    1. Donn furgits- aye'z frum ShyCawGo ware da motto am vote earlee and offen!! Eben da deds get to vote heer!!

                      well... Atta wun tyme

  1. I kan haz a kwesshun? haow kums we noe haz ani couches tu crawl unner? or blankies to wrap up in?
    jus finkin owtlowd , tiem fur me to hit teh hat, took nitght night pill an is wurking.....


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